We are a product design
studio specializing in the
rapid realization of ideas.

We make
things better.


We set out to design a sleek and simple solution for point of sale or service areas of retail businesses. The Retail Shield is a product that offers peace of mind for customers and employees alike, but doesn’t sacrifice retailers unique aesthetic and customer experience. Order Now
Do poorly decorated cardboard boxes of tissues match your impeccable interior design? We didn’t think so either, so we created a better one simply called the Tissue Dispenser. Then we went "full circle" and made a line of Remainder products produced from the center disks. Check them out

Check out our whole line of thoughtfully crafted products. Each product and package is designed and produced at our studio. Shop the collection


From idea to manufactured product in one day! We jumped into action and helped Made Kits respond to an unexpected new normal with stay-at-home kids weaving kits.

If you are a small business looking to build a prototype or launch a new product fast, get in touch.
We love making brands stand out with unique installations, products, and fixtures. This neon-look open sign for Good Day Shop features a custom font that optimizes the light density of the LED strip as well as facilitated embedding in solid maple.

See our full list of services below:


User testing
Product strategy
Concept development
Digital mockups
Web design
Physical prototyping
CAD design
Low volume production
Production support
Packaging design
Packaging mockups
Signage and wayfinding
Point of purchase design

Human Crafted is a boutique design studio based in Madison, Wisconsin. We are Creative Engineers. Always exploring and curious, while being firmly grounded in the reality of functionality and feasibility.  

We employ this full-brain approach in a diversified range of projects, products, and services. We craft a line of our own thoughtful products, as well as design and build solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are proud of our range, it’s our super power.

We build to learn.

We cut through the chaos to identify the next discrete and logical step to solve any problem. Then we get to work rapidly building solutions to test, informing future steps, and above all making progress.

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